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CAPS Paincare Praised

CAPS Paincare thanks Dr. M.S. (Interventional Radiology) for his positive comments about Dr. Chami's plan of care, as related to the patient's Primary Care doctor.

Dear Dr. XX:

I met with your patient, Mrs H, today in the Interventional Radiology Clinic... As you know, Mrs H is a 61-year-old female who has been suffering from chronic back problems for many years. Her symptoms mainly consist of low lateral back pain with radiation to the right buttock and sometimes to the right posterior leg with less several symptoms on the left...

She did seek consultation from xxxx and this was followed by a series of injections, possibly targeting her sacroiliac joints. This was followed up by sacroiliac joint radiofrequency that was performed in December 2012. She describes this as a most unpleasant experience and she never did follow up with the group that performed this procedure at xxxx Hospital. She subsequently sought evaluation by Dr Chami at Chicagoland Advanced Pain Specialists. She has been having more favorable experiences with this group, with her most recent procedure performed on July 3, 2014. At the time she had L3-4 through L5-SI bilateral facet injections utilizing Marcaine and Kenalog.

I discussed with Mrs. H her current treatment and plan for future treatments. I encouraged her to proceed with the plan as outlined by Dr. Chami. I specifically discussed with her the fact that she did have real relief, albeit temporary, after her most recent facet injections. This would speak more favorably to a more prolonged response to ablation, which I understand is planned. I encouraged her to follow-up with Dr. Chami for this.

Dr. M.S. Interventional Radiology

* Names omitted to protect privacy.