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Medication Management

Our treatment plan for combining complex medications under strict management has been tested and proven.

We will prescribe the latest peer reviewed medication protocol applications with a sharp focus on patient counseling and compliance. You wonít be left to figure it out on your own.

Our promise is to provide individual care with a plan for each patient created with compassion and a commitment to excellence.

Our patients and their families are essential and active participants in this aspect of our pain treatment program. The medication agreement we implement with each new patient is a gateway to ongoing communication, based on honesty, and realistic expectations.

Opioid and other pain modulating medications can be prescribed in an infinite number of combinations, until each patientís individual treatment goals are achieved, with minimal or manageable side effects.

The over-riding goal for taking any medication will be a measurable improvement in an individual patientís function. We will work with you to establish whatever your functional goals may be; then we will work with you to adjust, add, or remove medications until we achieve your optimal treatment protocol.